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Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows

Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Directed by Kaitlyn Chantry

Music Directed by Jason Luciana

Choreography by Jason Hair-Wynn

May 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 2015

Cambridge Family YMCA Theater

The Longwood Players continues its 2014-2015 season with the classic American musical, Guys and Dolls. Filled with colorful characters and show-stopping numbers, Guys and Dolls tells the story a bygone New York City complete with singing gangsters, sassy showgirls, and straight-laced (and not-so-straight-laced) missionaries. While Nathan Detroit hustles to keep his illegal crap game afloat, his long-suffering showgirl fiancée, Adelaide, pressures him to set a wedding date. Meanwhile, fellow gambler Sky Masterson takes a bet to win the love of Sarah Brown, but she’s more concerned with saving his soul. Through numbers such as “Luck Be a Lady,” “If I Were a Bell,” and “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat,” Guys and Dolls travels from Times Square to Havana and back again. Eventually everyone ends up right where they belong, though not where they expected.


NathanJames Aitchison
AdelaideFran Betlyon
SkyBen Jamieson
SarahApril Pressel
Lt. BranniganDoug Hartley
Joey Biltmore / DrunkMatthew Ciborowski
NicelyJames Weeden
BennyMichael Chateauneuf
RustyNolan Murphy
HarryPatrick Harris
Society MaxMatthew Ciborowski
Angie the OxIsaac Brody
Liver Lips LouieRichie DeJesus
Big JuleMike Clark
Hot Box
EmceeMatthew Ciborowski
WaiterEmery Westlake
MimiLeah Carnow
AllisonPerry Albert
FergusonSusan Daly
VernonKarla Goo Lang
WaiterIsaac Brody
Featured DancerCaroline Fonseca
Featured DancerRichie DeJesus
ArvideFrank Walker
AgathaStephanie Masline
MarthaSarah Chadwick
CalvinEmery Westlake
General CartwrightJune Kfoury


ConductorJason Luciana
PianoKarin Denison, Bethany Aiken
ReedsEileen Wilson, Brie Frame
FluteBrian Van Sickle
ViolinsAK Barnett-Hart, Hana Asazuma-Cheng, Jane Kang
BassJohn Grealish
TrumpetDanny Fratina
TromboneTim Lewandowski
PercussionSarah Brooks


DirectorKaitlyn Chantry
Music DirectorJason Luciana
ChoreographerJason Hair-Wynn
Production ManagerVilas Sridharan
Stage ManagerVeronica Haakonsen
Set DesignerJohn Randell
Light DesignerErik Fox
Costume DesignerSandy Chantry
Sound DesignerBen Markham
Technical SupervisorAlix Strasnick
Technical Director (Sets)Nick Tosches
Scenic ArtistLauren Duffy
Master ElectricianRicky Morse
Assistant Music Director, Rehearsal PianoKarin Denison
Rehearsal PianoRobin Cho
Assistant Stage ManagersAlden DiIanni-Morton, Jackie Kemp
Spotlight OperatorsSteve Kelch, Leah Haas
Wardrobe ManagerClaire Wilms
Wardrobe CrewMatheus Macedo, Ali Schnaer
Dance CaptainsLeah Carnow, Patrick Harris
Fight CaptainRichie DeJesus
ElectriciansAlan Morse, Laura Hildebrand, Micha Rieser, Scott Colby, Stephen Rintoul
CarpentersCatrin Evans, Brie Frame, Joe Dumer, Martin Kemp, John Randell
Load-in crewCatrin Evans, Michelle Merry, Anthony Mullin, Matthew Ciborowski, Lydia Anderson, Steve Kelch, Steve Schwartzberg


Best Director (Kaitlyn Chantry)IRNE Nominee