The Longwood Players

There’s a place for everyone in the theater…

About us

The Longwood Players, Inc. is a nonprofit theater company based in the Boston area. The Longwood Players was established in 1998, producing its first musical (Hair) in 1999 at the Mass College of Art. In 2003, The Longwood Players incorporated as a 501c(3) and expanded its season to include two full productions and a cabaret fundraiser. Also in 2003, Longwood moved to the Cambridge YMCA Theater. In 2017, Longwood moved to its new home, Chelsea Theatre Works in Chelsea, MA.

Our members comprise individuals from all walks of life and include professionals and students from the Greater Boston area and beyond. Our members are diverse, and consist of long-time participants of community theater, first-timers seeking a supportive artistic community, students of the dramatic arts, and even those headed for Broadway. Whatever your background or aspiration, we warmly welcome anyone with an interest in the art form of theatre to join our group. Indeed, participation in community theater can take many shapes and forms. Please contact us to see how you can get involved.

Board of directors

If you are interested in joining the Board, please send a letter of interest to the President with the subject "Board of Directors Candidate" and include a statement indicating interest and/or any special skills or qualities you bring to the company. Candidates may also indicate past involvement with the company, but please note that prior participation is not necessary, and we are actively seeking new members to bring fresh voices to this dynamic and dedicated group. To learn more about the duties, responsibilities, and benefits of serving on the board of directors, please click here.

Interested? Email us now! We look forward to hearing from you.


Anthony Mullin, President
Vilas Sridharan, Managing Director and Vice President
Steve Schwartzberg, Treasurer
Kaitlyn Chantry, Artistic Director
P. K. Newby, President Emeritus and Founder

Directors at Large

Ben Blier
Mike Chateauneuf
Ian Flynn
Veronica Haakonsen
Taylor Hilliard
Martin Kemp
June Kfoury
April Cowin
Joy Lamberton-Arcolano 
John Randell

Management Team

Martin Kemp, Technical Inventory Manager
Ricky Morse, Webmaster
Todd Yard, Graphics Designer