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Auditions for TLP’s Marvel Spotlight Plays

When & Where:

Auditions will take place in person on Monday, Sept. 12th & Tuesday, Sept. 13th from 7-9pm. Alternately, actors may submit a video audition by Sept. 13th at 5pm EST to

**Please sign up for a 20min in-person audition slot here**

Callbacks will take place in person ONLY on Friday, Sept. 16th from 7-9pm.

Auditions, rehearsals, and performances will all take place in person at Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet St., Chelsea, MA.

What to Prepare:

Please prepare a 2-3min monologue, along with a resume, headshot, and audition form to bring to auditions. Please also bring proof of COVID vaccination. (If applying virtually, please email these documents along with a link to your audition video as described above.)

Choose a comedic monologue from a play or musical of your choice—preferably a contemporary piece, but don’t let that stop you if you have a monologue that excites you.

Casting Overview:

Every actor will play characters in both plays, with many actors playing multiple roles within each play. Actors playing multiple roles must demonstrate versatility in portraying multiple characters and strong comedic ability. Familiarity with the characters and stories of Marvel is a plus, but not a requirement—the perspective of someone unfamiliar with the franchise may prove equally compelling as that of a diehard fan!

BIPOC performers are strongly encouraged to apply. We are actively seeking actors and crew members of diverse backgrounds to include more voices in the world of this experience. We want our staffing to reflect the diversity of our participants. Additionally, Mirror of Most Value specifically features characters of South Asian heritage, and it is important to us that we cast these roles in such a way which allows for their faithful depiction.

Please note that the characters of Kamala, Nakia, and Ammi are of South Asian heritage—we are specifically seeking actors of such a background to fill these roles.

Assistant Director:

In addition to the listed cast members, we would like to hire an Assistant Director who would be able to help the production team construct a world which is faithful to Kamala Khan’s experience as a young woman of color in high school. The person filling this position would take an active role in shaping the depictions of various characters and elements of both plays, and does not need to have prior directing experience.

COVID-19 Policy:

Full vaccination is required for directors, actors, and production crew.

Open Roles:

The doubling of actors is flexible and will be determined during casting—Bruno, for instance, may play Tippy-Toe or Doctor Doom or Freak, etc. in Squirrel Girl.

The listed ages of each character are generally intended to act as a rough guideline. For example, an early-twenties actor who can play a little younger need not feel barred from consideration for a given role.

  • SQUIRREL CHORUS (ages 8-12) - They sing, they dance, they chant, they comment. Any gender.
  • TIPPY-TOE (ages 14-18) - Squirrel narrator. Doreen's best friend and crime-fighting partner. Female identifying 
  • DOREEN GREEN (ages 17-20) - a.k.a. Squirrel Girl. Our hero, college freshman, positive, enthusiastic, protective. Female identifying. 
  • DOCTOR DOOM (ages 18+) - Obsessive, humorless super villain. Any gender. 
  • TOMAS LARA-PEREZ (ages 17-20) - College freshman, former cheerleader, Doreen's crush. Male identifying. 
  • NANCY WHITEHEAD (ages 17-20) - College freshman, Doreen's dorm roommate. Female identifying. 
  • BRIGHTMIND (30+)- Luminous computer science professor. Any gender. 
  • SMARTNOGGIN (ages 19-25) - Brightmind's offstage teaching assistant. Any gender. 
  • FREAK (ages 19-25) - Freaky new teaching assistant. Any gender. 
  • MODOC (ages 20+) - Suspicious substitute teacher and super villain whose brain houses a giant computer. Any gender.


  • KAMALA KHAN (ages 14-18) - a.k.a. Ms. Marvel. Female identifying.
  • NAKIA BAHADIR (ages 14-18) - Kamala's best friend. Female identifying. 
  • BRUNO CARRELLI (ages 14-18) - Kamala's other best friend and sometime crush. Male identifying. 
  • GABE HILLMAN (ages 14-18) - Bruno's friend, the smooth guy. Male identifying. 
  • ZOE ZIMMER (ages 14-18) - Kamala's kinda snotty classmate. Female identifying. 
  • JOSH RICHARDSON (ages 14-18) - Zoe's boyfriend, the jock. Male identifying. 
  • LEE (ages 14-18) - Josh's friend. Male identifying. 
  • ALEX (ages 14-18) - Josh's friend. Any gender. 
  • MICHAELA "MIKE" GUTIERREZ (ages 14-18) - Bruno's girlfriend, the new girl. Female identifying.
  • AMMI (ages 35+) - Kamala's mother. Female identifying.
  • MS. NORRIS (ages 30+) - Physics teacher. Female identifying.
  • ENSEMBLE (ages 14+) - Friends, citizens, and super-fans. Any gender identity.

Rehearsal and Performance Dates:


Performances are currently scheduled for November 4, 5, 10 & 11 at 8pm and November 6 & 12 at 2pm. Performance schedule is subject to change within these weekends.

Tech and Dress Rehearsals:

Actors must be available for tech all day Saturday October 29th and Sunday October 30th and every night October  31 - November 3 for dress rehearsals. Actors are expected to help with strike after the final matinee.

Rehearsals (tentative):    

Rehearsals begin the week of September 19th and will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings from 7–10pm and Sunday afternoons from 1 – 5pm