The Longwood Players

There’s a place for everyone in the theater…

The Longwood Players has a new president!

Dear Friends and Theater Lovers,

Unlike many letters of this nature that begin with the oft-used phrase "It is with mixed emotions …", I write to you today from a place of great joy and gratitude, emotions any founder and President is blessed to have as she watches her company flourish.

From its inception until the present day, I've been in a key leadership role since founding the company in 1998, acting oftentimes as President, Executive Director, Producer, and occasional performer. I led the group onward through incorporation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company in 2003 and into its current home in residency at the Cambridge YMCA Theatre. We have evolved from the proverbial one woman show to a small ensemble producing one musical a year to a successful company producing a fall play, winter cabaret fundraiser, spring musical, and summer spotlight.

What began as a group of three officers grew into an organization led by an Executive Management Team comprising an Artistic Director, Managing Director, and Executive Director; a Board of Directors of eleven; and a Management Staff of ten. Beyond our dedicated leaders are hundreds of extremely talented theater artists, designers, technicians, musicians, and actors who all come together to create art that is artistically interesting, intellectually stimulating, and socially compelling in a theater company we call home.

Over these past seventeen years, a great many of these individuals have become close friends and superb colleagues; one of them even became my husband. I'm humbled to say that my own personal experience with The Longwood Players is far from unique: Our company has literally changed lives, with around fifteen marriages (and now multiple children) coming from our company alongside rich relationships of all kinds. These deep human connections have been born out of our shared love for the art form of theater.

I've said it before many times in the past, starting from day one, and it still rings true today: There is a role for everyone in The Longwood Players, onstage or off. It is now time for me to take on a new role in the company focused on being a proud patron and loyal theatergoer. I am thrilled to pass the torch to the amazingly talented Anthony Mullin and am indebted to each and every member of the entire Longwood family for making this company what it is today.

I have every confidence The Longwood Players will reach even greater heights, and I look forward to cheering from the audience.

And I can't wait to see what the future holds for my beloved theater home.

I hope to see you all at the theater this fall — and beyond.

All the best,

P.K. Newby

President Emeritus and Founder

The Longwood Players