The Longwood Players

There’s a place for everyone in the theater…

Pay It Forward

The Longwood Players is proud to support our community. For over 20 years, we've been fortunate to be able to produce meaningful theater in partnership with our neighborhood: first the Longwood area of Boston, then Central Square in Cambridge, and now downtown Chelsea. 

This year, The Longwood Players is bringing back our Pay It Forward packages. Each Pay It Forward package includes a seat to our upcoming show on the date of your choice, as well as a seat to be given away through our community partners. Each package will allow someone to attend a performance, who cannot otherwise afford it and may never have seen live theater.

Pay It Forward packages are now on sale. Help us celebrate over 20 years by giving back to our community!

Choosing your ticket:

You buy a Pay It Forward ticket just like any other ticket by choosing the date and time of the show you'd like to attend, and choosing a "Premium - Pay It Forward" seat. You will receive a seat in the premium section and the remaining cost will subsidize another ticket to the show.